Succesfull Event on Diaspora Entrepreneurship in The Hague !

nehob1 nehob2 nehob3 nehob4 nehob5 nehob6 nehob7 nehob8 nehob9 nehob10 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7131 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7134GOPIO has had a very succesful and highly attended event on Diaspora Entrepreneurship on June 7th in The Hague, with various professional speakers showcasing the case for Indo-Dutch Trade.  This mini-conference was co-Hosted by Mr. Shekhar Bissesur , Chairman of NEHOB-Entrepreneurs and drs Rajindre Tewari , Member of GOPIO Intl. Executive Council and Chairman of the Indo Business Council (NL Invest-VNONCW) and CEO of Mahler India Fund. Shri Manohar Gangeshwar , Counsellor of the Indian Embassy represented the Embassy (and indirectly the newly to be appointed Ambassador to the Netherlands in June): his speech  expressed his wish to include more of the local diaspora into the OCI connection with India!

Drs. Rabin Baldevsingh, Dy. Mayor of The Hague presented his view on increasing the ties with India on a stronger footing than before, while Mr. Bissesur asked for more involvement of Entrepreneurs in social life and assume more social responsibility by getting involved with program for the elderly Diaspora from a “MVO” (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen”) viewpoint.  Rajindre Tewari gave a brief overview of the Indian Economy and the various governmental programs to uplift India’a profile globally. He also stated that more role models of succesful Diaspora Entrepreneurs are needed in the Netherlands.  Drs. Rishi Kartaram. a succeful and international entrepreneur, CEO of Gameworld gave a high profile speech and media presentation of his investment activities into India and elsewhere showcasing the potential upside of hard work for Diaspora Entrepreneurs. Nazima Ramdin, gave a life example of what networking means and how to get involved in diaspora related networks. Shanti Pahladsingh from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (RVO) presented the various option provided from the Dutch Government to potential projects related to investing in India and offered the services of the Ministry in advicing potential entrepreneurs with excellent proposals.


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