Meet our member: Savita Mangroelal

  1. Who are you and why have you joined GOPIO?

    My name is Savita Mangroelal. I was born in Surinam and now living in The Netherlands.
    At the Gopio events I met people from different areas who are driven to achieve their passions, whether that is in culture, artistry, business or else. This is exactly what interested me to join GOPIO, somehow they are all desi, whether from India, Surinam, The Netherlands or another country.

  2. Why should someone join Gopio?

    If people of Indian origin like to network and meet people with at least their origin in common they should join GOPIO, as GOPIO follows a non-competitive approach and because GOPIO cooperates with other parties as a true diaspora association for people of Indian origin.

    Together we can reach more than alone. There’s this saying: ”If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I believe that even if you want to go fast, often you reach your goals the fastest with cooperation.

  3. What message do you have for the Dutch audience?

    Any ambitious person who likes to get in touch with likeminded people with the same origins or who likes to inspire people to reach their potentials will find the GOPIO Holland network to be of great help.

  4. Who is the person?

    My business is making people feel better with restorative bodywork. At the moment yogamassage is my core business. Yogamassage is an effective traditional treatment, a combination of massage, acupressure and yoga like stretches, given with attention.

    I love my job because I enjoy providing relief from al kinds of bodypain and relaxing peoples body and mind. I have always had an interest in removing fatigue and pain for my family.

    “This interest has grown into a business. The reward I get from gratitude when people feel like reborn, light, relaxed or relieved from pain, is priceless.”

    People find their way to me for relaxation, maintenance of their body or for treatment of various kinds of pain. It fascinates me how effective acupressure is in orthopaedic disorders, like neck and shoulder pain, pain in the back, knee disorders, pain in arms and many more.

    Seeing the effectiveness of yogamassage interests me in learning more and more about the body and effective treatments and continuing this great work.

  5. Why have you decided to do the things GOPIO selected you for?

    After experiencing the greatness of yogamassage I started an education in it as a hobby. This hobby has turned into a fulltime job, although I don’t like to call it a job, because I love what I do so much that it just doesn’t feel like work! As it turned out people really love this bodywork, I love providing this bodywork and not least important: people crave relaxation and relief due to stress, repetitive movements and bad posture during many hours of the day. I decided to make this my business, called RelaxPoint.

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