GOPIO present at the NIBM 2018

GOPIO’s Life Member and  former EU Coordinator serving recently as the Chairman of NICCT till October 2018,  hosted two delegations from FICCI and the State of Madhya Pradesh on the Netherlands India Business Meet this month. This event was co-produced for the first time in the City of Rotterdam with the Rotterdam Partners, a Foreign Promotion Agency of the Municipality of Rotterdam, as its main partner.

Summary of NICCT Session with Business Delegation from India

Investing in India offers multiple benefits and the aim of the Netherlands – India Business Meeting (NIBM) was to bring together investors, decision-makers and partners by informing them on ease of setting up and doing business, returns and impact; locally and transnationally.

The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) took the opportunity to illustrate other advantages of doing business in India. Apart from core commercial factors, these included strong work ethic within the workforce, youth that is eager to equip themselves with education and skills and a drive to be original by reviving traditional practices and materials that are native to the country.

There are many investment mechanisms that allow financing at a centralized level in India. However, the leader of the FICCI delegation presented state-specific needs for more directed funding to the country to optimize return on investment (ROI) for investors by clearly defining priorities within the vast and diverse country.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is geographically the center of India with potential to grow as a logistical hub in the upcoming decades. Setting up a business is made easier through digital tools provided by the State government, which also hopes to ensure more transparency. Madhya Pradesh proudly hosts expertise in agro-processing, clean energy and encourages investment in these areas.

Notable personalities within cross-border trade demonstrated their commitment towards strengthening ties between India and Netherlands. All participants agreed that there should be more conclaves organized in the Netherlands & India between Indian and Dutch business delegates.

Chaired by Mr. Ryan Tewari (NICCT/Mahler Funds) this session concluded with a call to action on behalf of Mr. Roney Simon (FICCI) and Mr. Suleiman (Government of Madhya Pradesh) to believe in the power of India, its culture and strong growth potential for long-term international business and trade. 





Report written by Ms. Gauri Deoras

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