Chapter Rotterdam – The Hague (South-Holland)

Rotterdam is a major European logistical hub attracting trade from India and China. Business lobbying occurs in many forms due to the strong political role The Hague plays as the centre of Dutch Government.

Secondly, the Hague also serves as the Indian Diaspora Capital of mainland Europe: approximately 60.000 people of Indian origin are residing in this region.  Finally , the Hague also is known as the City of Justice, harbouring educational institutions for Diplomats , the International Court of Justice and regional centres of EU institutions such as Interpol.

Board Members

  • Ir. Manish Dixit, President

  • Drs. Prewies Gaja,

  • Drs. Iwan Chauthi
  • Mr. J. B. Tewarie,  also serving as National Treasurer  ( )

  • Vacancy

Last Event:

Diaspora Politics – Political Debate organised in August 2012 on the political engagement of the Indian Diaspora and the value of Diaspora politicians for the Diaspora itself.     Contact Chapter Rotterdam at:

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