Bharatkojaniye Quiz for Indian Diaspora Youth

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December 5, 2015 (ES-USA) 
Ref: Bharatkojaniye Quiz
We are very pleased that the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) has taken this timely and important initiative to further embrace and engage the youth of the Indian Diaspora to strengthen the bonds and encourage meaningful and life long and connections with India. GOPIO salutes the Hon. Prime Minister’s intentions and efforts for engaging the youth of the Indian Diaspora. 
GOPIO fully supports this effort as it has done for Know India Program (KIP) and other programs to encourage more participation among the youth of the Indian Diaspora.
I am requesting that you and your chapter associates make every effort to appeal and encourage youth of the Indian Diaspora for maximum participation in the Bharatkojaniye Quiz for Indian Diaspora Youth. Also include colleges, universities, organizations and institutions globally to actively promote this program and encourage maximum participation. There are excellent incentives for those who participate. Please broadcast and promote the Bharatkojaniye Quiz for Indian Diaspora Youth
Log on and take the quiz:
We look forward to a successful campaign.
Thanks and best regards,
Ashook Ramsaran
GOPIO International

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